Richard Allen

Richard Allen is the author of exciting, action-packed Bristol-based crime novels
featuring Superintendent Mark Faraday

DIRTY Business
DIE Back
Darker Than DEATH

351 pages    9" x 6"    £9.99

In the absence of his superintendent, Chief Inspector Mark Faraday takes command of the Bristol Central District, at the same time as MI6 move in to conduct a covert and unauthorised surveillance operation on his district. To make matters worse, Faraday is required to share his office with the beautiful Helen Cave of MI5.

But when one of Faraday’s best young officers is murdered an intricately woven plot is uncovered involving secret bank accounts and a dissident Irish terrorist group.

From County Wicklow and the rarefied atmosphere of an exclusive London club to Salisbury Plain and the streets of Bristol, and against a background of brutal murder and international intrigue, a deadly clock is ticking as Mark Faraday and Helen Cave race against time to prevent the nuclear devastation that threatens the West Country.

411 pages    9" x 6"    £11.99

When Superintendent Mark Faraday investigates the disappearance of a local lorry driver, a top secret UK and US intelligence operation, designed to destroy the poppy fields of Afghanistan, is unwittingly undermined.

As Faraday is drawn deeper into the secret world of intelligence, he confronts his own senior officers and foreign law enforcement agencies, cynical self interest and murder.

From the splendour of the House of Lords and the beauty of the Venetian palazzos to the deserts of Western Australia, Superintendent Faraday pursues his investigation, haunted by the death of one friend and mesmerised by the beauty of another.

373 pages    9" x 6"    £9.99

The death of a respected Bristol artist is written-off as the unfortunate consequences of an apparently bungled burglary by an unknown opportunist. But, at police headquarters, Superintendent Mark Faraday is not so easily convinced.

As Mark Faraday, with DCI Kay Yin, investigate the death, he begins to uncover a web of betrayal and dishonesty that stretches from the battlefields of the Great War and an abattoir in the small Belgian village of Boesinghe in November 1914 to the very heart of present-day British government and the headquarters of the United Nations in New York, oblivious to the betrayal and dishonesty that stalks him within his own headquarters, where loyalty by many is fleeting and deceit by some corrupting.

As featured at the 2008 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books


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