Richard Allen


I began jotting notes for a crime novel way back in 1994. The underlying theme of my novels is the essential soundness of the British police service, whilst often operating in a world of double-standards and duplicity; deceit and dishonesty; political machinations and self-interest, destructive egos and envy; unbridled ambition and human frailties, where a detective is wise to suspect everyone and trust no one.

The main character in all my novels is Superintendent Mark Faraday. He is competent and successful; handsome and charming. He is at ease with women who find him attractive; he is very tolerant and protective of less able colleagues, but utterly intolerant of those who are dishonest, idle or absorbed by self-interest. Consequently, he attracts loyalty and admiration as well as intense envy and resentment.

All the novels in The Superintendent Mark Faraday Collection are based, primarily, in the maritime city of Bristol, with its iconic Suspension Bridge, cathedral and Georgian crescents.

The first novel, DIRTY Business, was published in 2005 with Faraday, together with Helen Cave of MI5, race against time as they uncover a plot involving a dissident Irish terrorist group, brutal murder and nuclear devastation. It was published by Babash-Ryan of Lincolnshire. Eighteen months later the company was declared bankrupt! I am assured that I had nothing to do with their demise.

I re-published through Lulu in 2007, together with the second in the series, DIE Back, in which Mark Faraday is haunted by the death of one colleague and mesmerised by the beauty of another as he encounters the international drug trade and murder, cynical self-interest and the intelligence services. The third, Darker than DEATH, was published in 2008. The story begins with the execution of a young British soldier during November, 1914. Faraday, together with DCI Kay Yin, follow the lengthy stain of dishonesty and betrayal which spreads across the years, congealing into present day murder and inevitable corruption.
Due to an on-going guerrilla war I am having with Myeloma (a bone marrow cancer) In the DARKEST of Shadows was not released until 2016, a tale that finds Faraday and DCI Yin at the mortuary with a body with two identities; a double murder and international intrigue, espionage and treason.
DEADLY Inheritance, (published 2017) finds Detective Superintendent Kay Yin at the scene of a brutal stabbing and, together with Chief Superintendent Mark Faraday, they question whether the deceased was the intended victim, their investigation taking the reader to Gibraltar and Madeira, Whitehall and the Brecon Beacons where they encounter the machinations of politicians and the security services; bitterness and rivalry; and corrosive arrogance and destructive egos.


I do hope that you will have as much enjoyment in reading the Superintendent Mark Faraday adventures as I have had in researching and writing them.

Best wishes